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Dr. Ana Lehmann

Chair of the Industry Committee



Ana Lehmann has a 20+ years international career spanning academia, consultancy, public policy and management. Her areas of specialization focus on the competitiveness of firms and industries - foreign direct investment attraction, internationalization, innovation, digital transformation and public policy.

Associate Professor, FEP-U.Porto; has been Visiting Professor/Researcher in several US and European universities (Columbia, Glasgow, among others). Consultant to international organizations (OECD, UNCTAD, European Commission, inter alia) and of Governments in different countries.

Held managerial positions, executive and non-executive, in circa two dozens of organizations – companies, foundations, non-profit associations. Founded several firms. President, Investment Committee, Social Innovation Fund. President, General Council, Fund of Funds for Internationalization. Serves in Boards of international organizations, and is Board Chairperson in a private company. Has been State Secretary for Industry (Portuguese Government), Vice-President, CCDR-N, Pro-Vice Chancellor of U.Porto, among other responsibilities. Former President and currently Fellow of the European International Business Academy.

Regular speaker at top level conferences, Editor of scientific journals, and an author widely published in in her field. Won several awards for scientific merit and career recognition. Holds a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Economics (University of Reading, UK) and a BSc in Management (U.Porto).

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