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Menina com moinho de vento de brinquedo

Wiimer envisages artificial intelligence (AI) as a means to enhance people’s lives, protect the environment and support economic growth.

On its hand, data analytics is deemed by Wiimer as the cornerstone for transparency and thorough judgement by the citizens and economic agents.

Wiimer has adopted the next guidelines that ought to be complied by the firm and its employees.

  • AI models and outcomes should follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Data analyses should comply with applicable data protection regulation and guidelines.

  • Learning algorithms should be open and explainable.

  • AI that affects people should not be made without human judgement.

  • AI and data analytics should observe legal requirements and respect ethical “red lines”.

  • Wiimer does not work for political organizations.

  • Wiimer does not participate in projects where diversity and inclusion are not utterly respected.

Image by Annie Spratt
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